City Ward Map & Information


Pursuant to the City Charter, the City is divided into 4 wards established by City Council to provide for the election of a Council Member to represent the residents of each ward. Article IV of the City's Charter mandates that Council revise ward boundaries if necessary following receipt of the population data from each federal census every 10 years or whenever necessary to achieve substantially equal population in each ward.

Ward Redistribution

On June 21, 2012, City Council adopted an ordinance to establish new ward boundaries in the City to correct the imbalance resulting from the population growth that occurred in the City since the 2000 Census.  Under the old ward boundaries, Ward 1 housed almost 40% of the City's population and Ward 4 housed only about 16% and were the areas requiring a more equitable distribution of the population.  The current ward map represents a relatively equal distribution of the City’s population between the 4 ward areas based on the most recent census population of 17,409 taken by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010.  The City's population was divided among the wards as follows:  Ward 1 = 4,100, Ward 2 4, 200, Ward 3=4,600, and Ward 4=4,500.

Ward Areas

The current ward areas can generally be described as follows:
  • Ward 1: The area east of SR741, north of Lytle Five Points Road including the majority of the Settlers Walk Subdivision, and west of SR741, generally north of Tamarack Trail including a portion of the Springbrook Subdivision.
  • Ward 2: The area on the eastern portion of Lytle Five Points Road consisting of a portion of Settlers Walk and the remaining subdivisions to the east.
  • Ward 3: The area east of SR741 and south of Lytle Five Points Road.
  • Ward 4: The area west of SR741, and south of SR73 and west of Clearcreek Franklin Road including the majority of the Tamarack, Wood Ridge, and Springbrook subdivisions.