Is school closed today?

The Police Department does not make the decision concerning a school closing, and we are not advised by the School Superintendent when such events occur. Please listen to a local radio or TV station, call the school in question directly or monitor social media for this information.

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1. When the disaster sirens are activated, should I call the police department for information on weather alerts?
2. Who answers the phone when I call 911?
3. How can I help the police or fire department find my residence quickly?
4. Where do I go to pay fines for traffic offenses?
5. Is (John Doe) in the Springboro Jail?
6. When do I have to report an accident?
7. If I lock the keys in my car, will the Springboro Police Department unlock my vehicle for me?
8. My driver's license has expired. Can I obtain permission from the Police Department to drive to the License Bureau to have it renewed?
9. If my driver's license is expired, how long do I have to renew it?
10. Is school closed today?
11. What are the road conditions? Can you give me directions?
12. My electricity and/or phone or other utility is out of service. How long before it will be restored?
13. There is a raccoon in my yard, will you come remove it?
14. What is the phone number for...?
15. Should I call the police department to see when fireworks are or whether they have been cancelled?
16. Should I call the police department to see when trick or treat is or if it has been cancelled?