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City Forms

  1. Amphitheater Reservation Form
  2. City of Springboro Recycling Toter Registration

    Register for a new City of Springboro Recycling Toter and/or request removal of your current City of Springboro Recycling Toter

  3. Community Room Reservation
  4. Potholes Complaint Form
  5. Street Light Malfunction Form

    Please use this online form to report a street light that is out or malfunctioning.

  6. Water Department: Move Out

    Complete this form to end water service at an address.

  1. Amphitheater Reservation Form (Weddings only)
  2. City Wellness Program

    Give us 10 or 30, Springboro! • Our Springboro parks and roadways are home to numerous walking and bike paths and lanes. Take... More…

  3. E-Billing and Auto Pay Registration

    Complete this form to sign up for e-billing and request payment options. Once received, we'll assign your account a PIN to use for... More…

  4. Registration for National Trails Day

    National Trails Day 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. We look forward to planning this event for 2021.

  5. Water Department: Move In

    Complete this form to sign up for water services

Police Forms

  1. Security Camera Registration
  1. Vacation House Check

    Extra checks on a residence while the homeowner is on vacation.