Duties & Responsibilities

The Division of Engineering develops and manages Public Service projects including transportation (auto, bike, pedestrian), sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water mains. Engineering also oversees bidding of City Projects and provides development review services and permitting.
Drainage Pipe

Project Design & Construction Management

Project design and construction management may be done in-house or through consultants depending on project size and complexity. Our Engineering Staff works closely with other public agencies on design, construction, maintenance and permitting of projects within the City.

Development Review Services

The division provides development review services in close coordination with the Planning Department for private development proposals, to ensure that requirements are met for traffic impacts, sewers, drainage, water, accessibility, street lighting, etc. Engineering staff are available during office hours to issue permits and provide public information and access to plans and maps.

Engineering Support

The division provides engineering support to other Departments as needed. Our staff also perform important duties in City disaster response and recovery efforts.