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If you want to search for a specific phrase or term, enter it in quotation marks (i.e. "stormwater management"). Otherwise, it will retrieve all instances of the words you type in as long as they're within a certain proximity of each other.

Keep in mind that the search is very specific. Stormwater (no space between storm and water) and storm (space) water will return a different list of hits.


The print instructions apply to Internet Explorer only. Other browsers may have slightly different print dialog boxes.

Print Entire Section

  1. If you want to print an entire section of a code, navigate to that section
  2. Go to File, Print
  3. In the Print dialog, there is a Page Range area. Make sure that "All" is selected, then click on okay or print, this will print the entire section

Print Portion of Section

  1. If you wish to print on a portion of a section, click and drag to highlight the portion you wish to print
  2. Go to File, Print, make sure "Selection", (not "All") is selected
  3. Click on okay or print