Location of Your New Business

As they say in the real estate world, the most important thing to consider that could make your business grow is "location, location, location". Once you find the perfect location for your business, you will want to investigate a few pieces of information before you sign a lease or purchase a building.

Certificate of Zoning Compliance

Local zoning regulations require that certain businesses locate in certain areas of the town. Portions of the town are zoned for office businesses or retail businesses, while others are zoned for industrial type businesses. For example, if you want to start a machine shop, those types of businesses are typically not permitted near businesses such as general offices or restaurants.

Call the Springboro Zoning Compliance Officer at 937-748-9791 for information regarding the zoning regulations and where you would be permitted to locate your business.

Occupancy Permit

State Building Regulations require that businesses locate in buildings that have been approved for their general use. This protects businesses (and their customers) from a fire safety standpoint. Certain buildings are built to house certain specific uses, and some buildings just aren't compatible for some businesses. In addition, insurance companies typically require businesses to obtain occupancy permits before they will insure the business.

Call the Springboro Building Department at 937-748-9791 for information regarding Occupancy Permits.

Sign Permit

One of the biggest issues that new business owners worry about is the signage they want to put out at their location. The City also has regulations regarding signs - how big they can be and where they can be located. It is imperative that you contact our Zoning Compliance Officer before you purchase a sign(s). The Zoning Compliance Officer will be able to tell you up front how big a sign you can have and where it can be located.

All the local permit forms that you may be required to obtain can be downloaded from the City's Building and Zoning's Permits and Applications page.