Solar Energy Permit for Residential Property

The City of Springboro is committed to providing a timely review of your solar energy system permit. 

Building & Zoning Department: 937-748-9791
Planning Department: 937-748-6183

Pre-submittal Checklist

The pre-submittal checklist below contains the minimum information and project plan details required to be submitted to City of Springboro when applying for a residential permit to install a solar energy system.

Required Permits

1. Solar Energy System Permit,  filed with the City Planner. There is no fee. Planning staff will review, as with all similar reviews for development on private property, a schematic plan of the system showing the location and arrangement of panels prior to permit application.

This review may be submitted to the City Planner in form of an email to and include proposed install address and contact for the installer and/or applicant.

Include a scaled site plan, scaled drawings with size of system, written description of proposed system, materials and color, specification sheets, building elevations and proposed screening information. 

2. Electrical Permit (no fee), filed with the Building Department in PDF format.

All permits expire within 12 months after date of issue. One extension shall be granted for an additional 12 month period if requested by the owner in writing at least 10 days in advance of expiration of the permit approval. Effective February 15, 2024, no extension fees will be applied to this category of electrical permit.

If, in the course of construction, work is delayed or suspended for more than six months, the permit is invalid.  Two extensions shall be granted for six months each if requested by the owner in writing at least 10 days in advance of expiration of the permit approval.

General Design & Development Standards

  • Non-Reflective coating used to minimize glare
  • Panels & mounting hardware shall be uniform in appearance and color
  • Durable sign warning of electric shock manufacturer and installer information

For Ground Mounted

  • Conform to accessory structure standards of Zoning District 
  • Side or rear yards only, prohibited in front yards

For Building Mounted 

  • Installed on same plane of the roof material or made part of the roof (flush mounted).
  • Shall not extend more than 8 inches above the roof surface and shall be covered in a manner architecturally compatible with the building to which it is attached.

Other Provisions

Obsolete solar energy systems shall be removed with three months of becoming nonfunctional. 

An electrical permit must be obtained prior to the start of any work.  To apply, complete an electrical permit application  and submit all required documents.  


Codified Ordinances of Springboro, Ohio, Chapter 1276 Solar Energy Systems 
The Residential Code of Ohio
The National Electrical Code