Park Wi-Fi

Surf the web in the Springboro Parks!

Wireless Hot Spots

As part of the solar panel project within the parks, and the electronic reporting of the electricity being generated that is required by the state, the City is setting up wireless hot spots at each of the arrays. One positive by-product of the reporting requirement is that patrons of the park will also have the ability to utilize the hot spots as they are enjoying the park!


So, bring your laptop to the parks and enjoy surfing the net! The hot spots will be located at all shelters at Community Park, the concession stand and shelter at North Park, and the concession stand at Clearcreek Park.


The Park Board has adopted a Wi-Fi policy for hot spot usage at the parks. The policy will be posted at each of the concession stands and shelters where the public Wi-Fi is available. View the Wi-Fi Policy (PDF)