Community Reinvestment Committee


  • As needed, but at least once per year; usually determined by the City Manager or by the Staff Member responsible for the City's economic development.

Community Reinvestment Committee (Housing Council) Members

  • Jack Hanson, Council Representative
  • Lois Boytim
  • Robin Holznecht
  • Ryan Michel
  • Mir Pasha
  • John Sillies


Determined by the Ohio Revised Code 3735.65-70. Citizens will be involved on the committees with the City Manager and a staff designee responsible for economic development, among others.


There are two groups under this committee known as:

  • Area 1: This is more or less the Industrial area west of Clearcreek Road
  • Area 2: This is the original town, east of Main Street, and between State Route 73 and Mill Street


  • Stimulate development in a delineated area
  • Increase business in the specified district
  • Ensure minimal environmental impact in the area
  • Develop tax abatement procedures for the areas
  • Constantly evaluate the benefit of the program to the entire community
  • Encourage renovations and improvements to existing buildings in the area
  • The Community Reinvestment Committee may select a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and a Recording Secretary when convened