Fiber To The Home Project

City, altafiber and Point Broadband Fiber-Optic Construction

As part of the City’s Fiber Master Plan, construction on the 17-mile fiber optic loop with six conduits is complete. This $2.4 million investment in the digital future is a partnership with the Warren County Port Authority to build a broadband fiber network to provide high-speed internet service to Springboro homes and businesses. 

The City will not be providing internet services, however, this investment in a fiber network has attracted two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have collectively purchased five of those conduits— that will provide internet service options for residents and businesses. In addition, the sale of the fiber lines has covered a majority of the fiber optic loop installation. Point Broadband began installing its lines in 2021 and is wrapping up work in neighborhoods. Alta Fiber  (formerly Cincinnati Bell) purchased four lines from the City and is set to working with the city with an expected completion date by the end of 2023. 

The internet providers run their own fiber optic cables to provide high speed internet to neighborhoods. Residents should expect to see construction teams and equipment for both ISPs throughout the City completing necessary aerial and underground work. 

Both ISPs will notify residents via a door hanger before crews begin work in that area. 

Point Broadband has a website dedicated to addressing any questions of concerns residents may have about the construction process.  Visit Point Broadband for more information.

In addition to providing options to residents and businesses for high speed internet, the technology upgrades will help the City provide better safety, communication and public works services.

Following are responses for some Frequently Asked Questions.

 Q:  Point Broad Band has already installed lines in my yard. Can altafiber use those lines?
A:  Each ISP has its own lines that must be installed individually.

Q:  Why is there construction in my yard? I never gave permission. 
A:  Just like all utility companies, altafiber and Point Broadband have the right to access the City’s Right-Of-Way (ROW)--which typically extends across streets from sidewalk to sidewalk-- and easement areas typically located along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line or between two lots. altafiber and Point Broadband crews have legal access to these areas to install their fiber-optic cables in addition to equipment such as boxes buried at ground level, typically placing them in a central location utilized by multiple utility providers. Point Broadband and altafiber have obtained all necessary permits to build their respective fiber networks.

Q: I don’t want high speed internet. Do they have to come in my yard?
A:  As stated above, these utility companies have the right to access the City’s Right-of-Way to build a city-wide fiber-optic network in Springboro. You are not obligated to use their services. As with other utilities (electric, gas, etc.), the goal is to make this service as widely accessible as possible, however, there is no requirement for any home to sign up for their service.

Q: The construction crew damaged my lawn, fence or other areas. Who do I contact?
A:  Crews do their best to minimize the impact to property. However, accidents do occur. Please note that construction is temporary and the impact to property should be limited as most infrastructure lines will be underground. Both ISPs have contacts information to address questions or concerns.

Point Broadband: 855-843-8773
altafiber: 513-566-8130 

Q: Can I remove the small flags in my yard? 
A: Please do not remove the flags as they show where the other utilities are located. Point Broadband and altafiber are legally required to have other utilities located and marked/flagged during construction, to eliminate hitting electric, cable or gas lines. Once construction work is completed on your property, the construction crew will remove the flags.

Q: How can I get more information about signing up for service?
A: Both ISPs will be in contact with you with service opportunities. For more information, visit
Point Broadband

City of Springboro Fiber to Home project receives Global Smart 50 Award

The City of Springboro is a recipient of the Smart 50 Award, honoring the 50 most transformative smart city projects in the world. Each year, Smart 50 Awards recognize global smart cities’ projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work. Springboro’s Fiber to the Home Plan, which includes joining with six local cities to build a fiber loop, building a 17-mile fiber optic network infrastructure within the City and selling conduits to two private Internet Service Providers, was selected as a top project from submissions across the globe. Awards will be presented in May. 

“We are honored to have the Fiber to Home project selected as an award recipient,” says City Manager Chris Pozzuto. “Connectivity for home, schools and businesses is a necessity in today’s world. Like most improvements, this project required construction and patience. We appreciate our residents’ understanding as the infrastructure continues to be installed. Now our residents and businesses have the opportunity to choose from three internet service providers, at a competitive cost that works for their individual budgets.” 

 The City of Springboro had already determined that offering universal broadband called for open access fiber infrastructure to nearly every major street intersection with an aggregation point in every neighborhood throughout the community, and soon thereafter, initiated the fiber construction project. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought stay at home orders and a new focus to the meaning of communication and connectivity. With only one internet service provider for the community, the lack of fiber infrastructure and internet service choices became more apparent to the City. Partnering with Point Broadband and altafiber to expand the availability of broadband service to homes and businesses, this project increases resident choices from one to three. After purchasing conduits from the City, each ISP ran its own fiber optic cables to provide high speed internet to every home and business in the City. In addition, the technology upgrade allows the City to provide better safety, communication and public works services. The project will also soon provide free Wi-Fi to City parks and buildings along with other indoor/outdoor spaces for public use. 


Guide to Fiber Optic Infrastructure Construction

As ISP providers continue their fiber optic infrastructure extensions further into Springboro neighborhoods, here are some tips concerning what to watch for on your property and who to call in case you find damage.

1.    Extensions of fiber optics into the neighborhoods is being done by Point Broadband  and Alta Fiber as their private enterprises’ project.  Any private utility (internet, electric, etc.) has legal right to utilize the ROW (Right of Way) or utility easement on the front of residents’ property. Most-- if not all-- properties in Springboro have a 10 to 20 foot utility easement on the property which typically runs parallel to the sidewalk, if one exists. If you do not have a sidewalk in front of your property, it is typically right next to the road.

2.  If Point Broadband or altafiber damage an underground line, irrigation pipe, invisible fence, electric line, etc., on your property in the easement –call their Customer Service number.  They will come back to fix the issue.

Point Broadband: 855-843-8773 
altafiber: 513-566-8130 

3. If you are aware of a private invisible fence line, irrigation pipe, etc., in the utility easement – please indicate that location with flags, paint markings or somehow identify the underground line/pipe.  If it isn’t marked – neither construction team will not know it is there.

View the City's Fiber Master Plan HERE.

Below are images of machines, materials and/or equipment that may be in your area as part of the project.

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