Fiber To The Home Project

City and Point Broadband Fiber-Optic Construction

The City, in conjunction with Point Broadband, is beginning construction on a 100% fiber-optic network in Springboro.  Residents can expect to see construction teams in and around neighborhoods completing both aerial and underground work.

They will be working in the area on main roads now (SR 741, SR 73, Lytle-Five Points, Pennyroyal, etc.), then will start work in neighborhoods very soon.  

Point Broadband has a website dedicated to addressing any questions of concerns residents may have about the construction process.  Visit for more information.

We also have a FAQ page as well as a press release introducing Point Broadband and what services they will offer.

Information on work areas will be provided on this page as it become available so feel free to check back often.

Please view the City's Fiber Master Plan 

Below are images of machines, materials and/or equipment that may be in your area as part of the project.
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