CodeRED Emergency Alert System

In addition to our website, Facebook page, Twitter posts and Instagram posts, The City of Springboro utilizes the OnSolve CodeRED Emergency Alert System as an additional method to notify its residents andCode Red logo businesses of emergencies.

What is CodeRED?

CodeRED is an emergency notification provider the City uses to send out alerts surrounding severe weather, boil water notices, missing persons, evacuations and more to save lives.  

When there is an emergency, the City determines which neighborhoods or areas are affected and creates a recorded message that describes the emergency and provides directions to the public. After the message is confirmed, the high-speed dialer delivers the message at a rate of 50,000 calls an hour to a live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to any number. 

How Am I Notified?

When you enroll in Code Red, you may opt to receive alerts on your home or cell phone, by email and by text. Please note that because of the emergency nature of some alerts, notices may be received at all hours.  You can decide later to opt out from receiving alerts. Please be aware that if you opt out, you will not receive any notifications including communication about interruptions in service or emergency alerts that are relevant to you.

How Do I Register?

CodeRED will already reach the majority of residents who have a landline phone, so there should be no need to register that phone number. However, the City encourages citizens to register their phone number if:

  • You have moved or changed your phone number in the last 6 months
  • You have an unlisted phone number
  • You use your cell phone as your primary phone number
  • You use TDD/TTY equipment
  • You are a business (Businesses are not automatically on CodeRED calling lists)

Cell Phone and Other Numbers
In addition, you may register your cell phone number or work number  for back-up so you will still receive the CodeRED alert if you cannot be reached at home. 

Download the App
You can also download the CodeRED app

Business Registration
When there is an emergency in your area, don’t be kept out of the loop. Register your business by selecting address type as "Business" and enter your phone number(s).  The information collected will remain completely private and will only be made available to notify you of critical situations.

Opt Out

Click here to opt out of the CodeRED system

You may also download CodeRED Release Form (PDF) and submit it directly to the City (either by mail or in person) to: 320 West Central Avenue, Springboro, Ohio 45066.